Baby Showers with Men: A Revolution that Should Have Already Happened



By Chelsea Whitlow Shay

Baby Shower. Two words that often result in sighs of annoyance and disgruntled acceptance of invitations for all but the most baby and pregnancy loving people out there. And by “people,” I mean women, because for men when these words are uttered they all but shut down and tune out the conversation.

Fifty Shades and Adult Worthy Erotica


By Phoenix Calida

Aside from the blatant abuse and rape in the 50 Shades story, I can’t help but think there’s so many other indicators of how we view women and sex.

I think what bugs me is the utter infantilization of women’s agency and sexuality that 50 Shades represents. Women aren’t entitled to fuck like adults, women are not entitled to consent, or entitled to being the focus of a sexual encounter. Enjoyment is … Continue reading