The Continuing Relevance of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Student Voices

Luther King's Hands


By Joseph Orosco

In Winter of 2014, I taught a seminar on the political philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The class takes a historical view of King’s work, tracing his thinking from the period of the Montgomery Bus Boycott until his final works dealing with the Vietnam War and the Poor People’s March.  I asked students, at the end of the class, to reflect on what they had learned about King as a … Continue reading

How the Ghost of Booker T. Washington Haunts Today’s Testing Advocates



By Mark Naison

When I read the statement from 19 Civil Rights organizations supporting universal testing in the nation’s public schools, I couldn’t help but recall a time in American History when an African American educator named Booker T Washington stepped forward with a plan to have character training and instruction in skilled trades supplant liberal arts education in schools serving African Americans,