Football, Violence, and the Language of Male Domination



By Mark Naison

Some of the best times of my youth and well into my 20′s took place on a football field. Like many young men who played the game, I needed an outlet for the violence inside me. An outlet that would bring me respect, camaraderie and the friendship of other men, a friendship that crossed racial and cultural barriers more than almost any other activity I was involved in. But though the … Continue reading

Men Need to Co-Create Feminist Liberation



By Chris Crass

For all of us who have been raised with male entitlement, backed with the threat of socially condoned or ignored (unless video taped) violence, we must take pause in this moment to re-commit ourselves to NOT be abusers, to NOT use violence (physically or emotionally) in our families and communities, and TO help raise boys to become men who will help dismantle patriarchy, and end gendered violence.