#Allvotesmatter, Except Yours


By Teka Lark (August 24, 2015)

“We’re reaching out to everybody,” said Bernie Sanders on NBC’s Meet the Press in response to the disruption of his August 8 downtown Seattle campaign rally by Black Lives Matters Seattle chapter co-founders Marissa Johnson and Mara Jacqueline Willaford.

Black people aren’t included in “everybody” and “all.” This “we” and “us” and “everybody” concept would be great if it were real, but it is not real.

The New Normal


By Paul Messersmith-Glavin (August 23, 2015)

Waking up this morning, I read in the paper about hundreds of thousands more dead fish in Oregon rivers cause the water’s too damn warm and of widespread bug infestations in California due to drought and high temperatures, only to look out the front window at the leaves falling from the trees like it’s late September against a backdrop of smokey, hazy, red tinted skies from all the forest fires.