Anarchism and the Walking Dead


By Joseph Orosco (October 9, 2015)

Fear the Walking Dead just finished its first highly rated season on the AMC cable network. FWD is a spin-off from the wildly successful series The Walking Dead which will soon begin its sixth season. Set in the same zombie apocalypse universe as TWD, FWD takes place in Los Angeles (instead of Georgia and the South) right before the zombie virus infects the masses. Modern zombie stories are usually Lord of the Flies-style tales about the collapse of civilization and the resulting chaos. But something distinguishes FWD; instead of some kind of Hobbesian … Continue reading

The Case of the Pink Porta Potty

By Chelsea Whitlow Shay (October 8, 2015)

Several weekends ago I worked the Corvallis Fall Festival, something I do every year to raise money for a youth group I work with. Each year I work several festivals, all of which use porta potties. The Corvallis Fall Festival is the only one where I’ve seen gender specific porta potties. I don’t mean that there were porta potties and urinal troughs. That is quite common at festivals and makes a good deal of sense to move a lot of people through the bathrooms at one time. What I’m talking about is pink … Continue reading

Our Children Deserve More than the Death Culture of White Supremacy


By Chris Crass (October 6, 2015)


I feel confident in saying that the guy who did this and his racist friends would not only righteously declare “they aren’t racists”, they would likely make the argument that it’s the politically correct who can’t take a joke, who are the real racists. We must understand the modern day psychology of white supremacy in day to day practice.

White supremacy entitles white people to, in all seriousness, feel that they are the true non-racists, the “above all this race divisiveness” while simultaneously … Continue reading